Funding and Giving (Our Church)

How is the Church funded?


It is very much a misconception that the Church is funded from Central Government as many people misunderstand the meaning of the wording of a "State" Church with regards to finance.  

This is not the case and the Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.)  relies on the members of the community and congregation to fund the upkeep of the fabric and contents of the building in their care.

The average cost of the upkeep of each Church in England is £12,000 (Heating, lighting, repairs, graveyards, walls, etc).  

We are always grateful for any contributions that would help us to maintain the churches presence, ministry and mission within our Parish.

There are many ways to give, we have two new ways to support our Parish during the Covid-19 crisis

Online - see here

Donate by Text - see here

Gift Aid

Please email to our treasurer for more details on how you can provide more income to the Parish by gift aid-: